Murderer’s Creed: Unite (2015) Complete Edition Pc Game

Murderer’s Creed: Unite (2015) Complete Edition Pc Game


General Information:
Developed by: DB Games | Published by: DB Softworks | Released on: 22 June 2015 | Genre: Action-Adventure | Platform: Pc | Type: Repack | Total Size: 25954

A once-magnificent city turned into a chaotic city. Its cobblestoned streets are flooded with the blood of those who dare to rise up against an oppressive aristocracy. Yet as the nation tears itself apart, a young man will embark upon an extraordinary journey to expose the true powers behind all this. His life will throw him into the middle of a ruthless struggle for the fate of a nation, and transform him into a true Murderer.

Introducing Murderer’s Creed: Unite, From the execution of the killer to the experience of the next-gen city like never before, help the people of this chaotic city carve an entirely new destiny.


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